It is the possibilities that inspire us:

To explore original design solutions for every client.  To create meaningful experiences of place for you. To transform disparate elements into beautiful forms.

At TECHNARCHI, we are inspired by the spark—that vivid and powerful moment when a client’s needs and a designer’s vision coalesce into one cohesive design strategy. Our designers’ enthusiasm and expertise ensure that this strategy is implemented in the best possible way, developing client spaces of unparalleled functionality and sophistication.

We recognizes that the design of our built environment has a lasting effect on the health of our natural environment. This is why whenever possible, we specifie materials, furniture, and other products that are sustainable and energy efficient. To reduce and monitor the environmental footprint of our projects, we maintain a carefully planned and integrated technological design platform that harnesses state-of-the-art design software. In addition to conveying conceptual designs quickly and in great detail, we are able to perform building energy and performance analyses to determine which designs have the least environmental impact. Our technological platform also enables us to create highly coordinated sets of construction documents that link building component information to external databases for post-occupancy space and asset management.